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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dwight Bobble Head

This is THE famous Dwight K. Schrewt bobble head! Definitely not as good as the one on the show, but good enough to put Cheyenne into hysterics! I gave it to Cheyenne for her birthday this year! You should have seen the look on her face, it was priceless. I said I would post a picture of it a while ago, but never got around to it. So here it is! The one and only! You can read more about it in my entry for Cheyennes birthday, it was really funny. I think I wrote it in February, but I'm not sure. I just Know that's when her birthday was.

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Woman's Conference Pictures

I mentioned in one of my previous entries that I went to woman's conference with my mom last month. These are just a handful of pictures that I was able to capture with my dumb camera. I would have taken more if I could. The two small pictures on the left (by the way you can click on them to see them closer) was on my very last day in Utah. My mom had already gone home but i wanted to stay one more day with Julia, so Julia, her roommate Thalia, and I all got dressed up in Julia's cloths and went to a friends wedding in salt lake that evening. I finally gave up on the pictures and hope to get some from Julia, But these are two of the ones you can actually see. we had a ton of fun!

You might have already noticed, I am standing with John Bytheway in the next picture! That was definitely one of my highlights of woman's conference was getting a picture with him haha. I still haven't showered since!

All of the other pictures were from the first day when Julia met us at a restaurant right when we got into town. She was all excited to show us her new fancy car, so we joked that the red one up there was is it! i don't know if I could ever see Julia caught dead in something like that! Me on the other hand, that's a different story...

Also i mentioned that we had gotten together with all of our Fort Lauderdale buddies one night. so the top right picture is all of us. That had to have been the best part of the whole trip for me. We laughed sooo much that night!

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Laurens Birthday

Sorry about the sepia pictures. My camera was really dumb and would only work if we set it to sepia! Grrr, i was so close to throwing it in the ocean! okay fine I wasn't, but I fantasized it as a a good idea!
So this was my friend Lauren Murry's 19th birthday. I feel so young when I say that because I'm only 16!most of my friends are older than me, in fact every single one of those people in those pictures are older than me accept for Jessica, and Cheyenne. Anyway, it was a lot of fun. It had been a while since I had hung out with them, so it was nice to finally get together again.
We fooled around in the water, ate cupcakes, and buried each other, What more can you ask for!

This must have been last moth.
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Girls Camp '09

These are just some pictures from girls camp. it was actually during spring break, but I came accross them and decided I would put them on my blog. Plus I figured out how to make these amazing collages, and I can fit way more pictures on at the same time.
It was a really good experience. It always gets better every year! I didnt have as much fun as I have in past years, but I feel like it was the best of my learning experiences so far! This year I was a YCL (youth camp leader), so instead of going and doing whatever I want, I was constantly following around my girls. so you can imagine how much fun that might be, but at the same time I learned a lot of leadership skills, and by the end the week i felt an amazing love for each and every one of those girls. Anyway thats just a little something. Enjoy the pictures.
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This is mom with our guests that we invited with us. i think they are the people dad is working for.

Dad taught the FHE lesson on the beach
Me and sierra
Dad, and Tanisha
Cheyenne and Sierra
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This was our FHE night at the beach 2 weeks ago i think. Pretty fun. Cheyenne and i ended up dancing with all the old people in the end. We couldn't help it, it was so tempting.
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